Kerr Stuart 4415

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Restoration - progress reports 2015-2015  

14/9/2014. Dave High reports:
At Boston Lodge, with the massive Mauritian sand boxes and the tatty front cover removed KS4415 looks a lot better. While the bottom of the body is clearly rotten, much of the original material can be recovered.
Sept14th 2014 at Boston Lodge- Dave High
Stripped of the body, it looks just like the General Arrangement drawing reproduced in the 11 January 1929 copy of Engineering. The box with the sloped casing on the right is the gearbox. This drives through spur gears onto the ‘lay shaft’, the red cover of which is located in the frames. The central box on the cross-braced frame is the fuel tank, with the drive shaft between the engine and the gear box located beneath. It has a cone-type clutch located in the red flywheel, on the RHS of the engine.(Dave High)
11th April 2015 at Boton lodge - Stripped down. Pic: Dave High

2/5/2015 Picture by Andy Savage show the dismantled chassis in Boston Lodge
Chassis being dismantled at Boston Lodge 2/5/2015  - Andy Savage

3/5/2015. Picture and report by by Dave High
Picture shows the wheel sets, with springs attached to the top of the axleboxes and the turnbuckle chain tensioners. The tensioner between the leading & central axlebox was missing, the flat bar installed to allow the loco to be moved  to Boston Lodge can clearly be seen. The near side far spring is also missing, but the temporary packers for the move can be seen. The tyres have a lot of life in them, and the journals & bearing are in such good condition that they can be re-used without any work. Subject to a detailed measure up the sprockets also appear to be serviceable, and a potential chain supplier has been identified. An immediate priority is to refurbish the springs, including the supply of a replacement. These are palleted up, ready for dispatch, with a copy of the original drawing. Job No 2 is to fettle up the tensioners and manufacture a replacement. Again, the original drawings are available 
KS4415 Wheelsets 3rd May 2015 - Dave High
3/5/2015.  Removing the layshaft. On the left is the transmission band brake (which isn’t actually on the transmission).   The sprocket for the chain drive to the wheels can then be glimpsed, followed by the spur gear which is the final link from the gear box.(Dave High)
3rd May 2015 - Removing the layshaft   Pic: Dave High

14/08/2015.    Ron Walker reports:
Last week I was at Boston Lodge works  helping with the FR Kids Training week. At the same time some of the team that are working on KS-4415 were there.
The chassis has had almost all of the components removed, and during the week it was lifted on to its side for cleaning underneath. With the chassis on its side, one can see where the locomotive was converted to 3 foot gauge. The contractors will soon be sandblasting it ready for  minor repairs and re-painting.
The wheels are out and will be re-profiled soon, the springs have gone away for refurbishment.

A section of the old foundry has been cleared for the components, of which some have already been cleaned, others await cleaning.
Chassis stripped Aug 2015 - Ron WalkerChassis on its side Aug 2015 - Ron WalkerChassis underside  August 2015 - Ron WalkerChassis underside, close up August 2015 - Ron WalkerWheels and components August 2015 -  Ron Walker

6/9/2015 Pictures by  Andy Savage show the latest progress on the chassis and and wheelsets.
Wheelsets at Boston Lodge 6/9/2015 - Andy SavageChassis at Boston Lodge 6/9/2015 - Andy Savage