Kerr Stuart 4415

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Restoration - progress   

(For earlier reports see Restoration Progress 2014/2015)
Update from Dave High 11/01/2016:
(All photos by Rob Bishop)

The focus of the restoration to date is on the frames. The main frames are supported by a very simple sub-assembly (formed of two channels) which carries the springs & axleboxes. When 4415 was re-gauged from 2’ to 3’ to run on the Castleberg & Victoria Bridge Tramway these channels where simply moved out. In the photos of the upturned chassis by Ron Walker on 14/8/15 the witness marks of where the channel sit for the 2’ gauge option can be seen, with further holes outside for the re-gauging. Why there is a third sit of over-lapping holes we have yet to fathom out! Hopefully this all makes sense when you see the Kerr Stuart picture of the sub-assembly below.

Sub Assembly

The photos below are of the main frame (which is carried by the sub-assembly)
Main frame 1
At some point in the past the frames on the drivers’ side have been subject to a rather horrible repair.  The bolted in patch ( also in photo below) is connected to the rear buffer beam by the 3 very long bolts.

Main frame 2
Above is a view of the same repair from ‘inside’ the frames (drivers side, looking backwards). The clevis (centre) is the anchor for the axlebox tensioners (which Kerr Stuart describe as ‘radius rods’). The clevis is contained in a slot to allow the frames to be re-gauged. The channel which carries the springs and axlebox assemblies sits on the square hole above the clevis.  

Mainframe 3
Above is the same view after removal of the repair, and with the frames cut back to receive a repair piece (to be welded in)

Mainframe 4
The frame repair, prepped & ready to go. Original clevis re-used, but the rest is new. It does say ‘this way up at the bottom’. Rick does know what he is doing; the frames are upside down at the moment!

Radius rods
Some of the radius rods were missing. Will High took the KS drawings and re-drew them in CAD format. Lazer Centre UK them manufactured them from Will's drawings, complete with 1 ” Whitworth LH thread. The shiny components are new, the others original. The longer set fit between the centre and rear axles (as can be seen in the KS photograph).

Brake blocks
Four new brake blocks, cast from a pattern made by Norman Bond to the original drawings.

Axle box
Bottom half of one of the axleboxes with new Armstrong Oilers from the NYMR.